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Centralised Automated Cleaning Services


Offering non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cleaning services at cost-effective prices, Micro 2000 Services presents a new holistic approach towards combatting griminess and filthiness of your wares/utensils as far as one’s eyes can see. A step ahead of other cleaning establishments in Singapore, what separates us from them could be pinpointed to our zealous approach in automated cleaning services; no dusts nor germs will be able to escape from our intense sanitisation regime., made possible by the latest high tech cleaning machines that we deployed.


Numerous notable F&B Groups, coffeeshops, foodcourts and restaurants in Singapore have already named us as the preferred managing partner for their dish washing needs. Save time, money and enhance productivity as faster turnaround time is achieved with the more efficient allocation of existing manpower resources to tasks that truly matters (i.e. clearing of used plates from tables). Choose from many of our customised packages – there is surely one that meets your requirements!


With the support of our experienced and qualified maintenance team while equipped with state-of-the-art machineries, we ensure cleanliness, professionalism and transparency to all our valued customers. We are also certified by Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency (WDA) as an endeavour to further advance ourselves. Our dishwashing arm is also Halal-Certified. 

Multiple Sites: Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Ready

Keep your business running no matter what happens! More than just smoothly operational, we are also prepared for any unexpected situations. We now manage more than one central dishwashing facility, scattered across Woodlands, Jurong, and Loyang. Halal dishwashing is also available, to ensure all customers get equal coverage. With three operating sites, we are ready to face any disaster recovery. This is especially important during uncertain times, as COVID-19 has highlighted.​​

At Jurong Point Mall, we have a large-capacity site able to take care of your needs as well. Boasting a 5,000 sq ft facility of 3 lines fitted with 15-meter flight-type dishwashing machines, we are well-equipped to handle large volumes of washing throughout the day.


Meanwhile, as the latest addition to our facilities, our Loyang location has more than just large space and efficient dishwashing machines. On top of twelve dishwashing machine lines at a location of over 50,000 sq ft, our ever-ready staff are even better situated to process dishes from the eastern regions of Singapore.

As one of the few dishwashing providers in Singapore with such a robust system in place, your business continuity and contingency planning is safe in our hands. No matter what happens, leave it to us and rest easy knowing that the dishes WILL be washed!

Chef's Kitchen

Sound like something that your F&B establishment is looking for? Contact Noel Lim @ 98555639 for a FREE consultation session Today!

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