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Logistics and Warehousing


Micro 2000 Services is a subject matter specialist in IT and related logistics and warehousing services.  


What differentiates us from the other IT companies in the industry is in our ability to work in a Team to provide customisable turnkey solutions for our clients. We do not need to further subcontract or outsource to other third parties/ commercial companies to achieve our client’s specific needs and desired outcomes. This greatly helps to ensure the service quality consistency throughout the whole process till final delivery to the end customer’s designated location. There is seamless integration in our honed business processes; each and everyone in the Team know what their assigned duties are and work in tandem to achieve the desired end result.  Micro 2000 Services have invested in skilled personnel, the necessary equipment and space to make all these possible.


We have a fleet of vehicles ranging from trucks to vans that provide delivery and collection services. We have three warehouses in Singapore with a total floor area of 25,000 square feet that can accommodate various types of goods and materials. All these processes are linked to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which tracks the orders and inventories (e.g. monitoring of Goods Received Notes (GRN) for collection and delivery). They are also integrated with our finance and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which help to provide a holistic view of the whole supply chain management process.


This is further enhanced by our stringent recruitment process, which is designed to ensure that the most appropriate candidate is hired. Besides screening through resumes to see if the prospective candidates possess the skillsets to meet the job requirements, our human resource team also performs background and credit checks to ensure that the candidate do not face a steep learning curve for the relevant trainings provided should he/she be selected. 


Below are some of the services we provide:

Datacentre Relocation Services


Micro2000 Services specialises in orchestrating the migration of datacentres. With extensive knowledge of the various relocation techniques available in the market, our Team of qualified personnel will have an in depth discussion with your company’s stakeholders to find a best-fit solution that will accommodate room for future improvements such as those that accompanies consolidation of physical systems, while bearing in mind the need for fine tuning of the system as time progresses at the target site to gain increased efficiencies.


We also understand that data centre assets are very expensive and intricate, so only qualified personnel, well trained in the way of handling, packing and securing these assets are assigned to our relocation projects, with due considerations on the appropriate packing materials to be used as well. All these are performed while preserving data integrity and ensuring that our customers faced minimum downtime.

Cloning (Bulk)


Micro 2000 services have the expertise to provide bulk cloning that can save organisations hours of billable time both on the back end and front end of mass system deployment. Be it for upgrading or migration of current systems, our skilled personnel can assist in ensuring all your company systems have identical base configuration to work on your company’s network by simply configuring just one system and replicating the settings and data on to the other computers, with no compatibility issues. 



Micro 2000 Services have a 4,000 square feet staging area where the holding area is properly segmented into air-conditioned staging area and non-airconditioned staging area with a centralised control station. We have the equipment and space to manage the short-term storage area for systems in transit before delivery to end customers’ designated locations. 



Micro 2000 Services have a 4,000 square feet staging area where the holding area is properly segmented into air-conditioned staging area and non-airconditioned staging area with a centralised control station. We have the equipment and space to manage the short-term storage area for systems in transit before delivery to end customers’ designated locations. 

Mass Deployment


Micro 2000 is privileged to be the managing partner of several principal vendors for both the Standard ICT Operating Environment (SOE) project and the Schools Standard ICT Operating Environment (SSOE) project.


SOE is the largest Singapore Government ICT project till date and is a great stride towards the Government’s vision of providing a seamlessly integrated Infocomm work environment for all Public Officers. By consolidating infocomm technology services within government agencies (such as statutory boards, ministries) into a single operating environment, better “within and across organizational boundaries” collaboration is incubated and efficiency in the usage of the services platforms are enhanced. Micro 2000 Team stellar track record in the field has cemented our standings as the preferred choice among vendors for the SOE project.


SSOE seeks to consolidate the provisioning and management of desktops, network and ICT support for all MOE schools in Singapore. The streamlining of processes bring along with it improved network performance and accessibility to school applications, as well as provide a centralised network & security monitoring to all staff and school computing labs to achieve a more efficient use of the existing ICT infrastructure.  By repeatedly engaging Micro 2000 Services for the SSOE programme (for two successful refreshment terms), this is a strong attestation to the trust that our vendors have in our mass deployment expertise and skilled Team to deliver their desired outcomes.

IT Relocation Services


We understand that business continuity is crucial. With our vast experience in the field, we can help to make the seemingly complicated IT relocation process into a smooth and hassle free one, so you can concentrate on running your business with minimal disruption to your operations.


At Micro 2000 Services, our tried and tested project management process will help ensure that your IT relocation will be seamlessly managed without compromising on your operational requirements. From decommissioning, packaging, handling to recommissioning, each step of the implementation process is performed precisely by our skilled Team to conform to the minimum downtime specification.  

10) Our skilled team will be able to guarantee the full functionality of your system and network upon recommissioning at the new site, perfectly replicated from its initial state.

11) Our project team could still be contacted at anytime after the relocation project to tend to any issues/ feedbacks that clients may surface from time to time.

9) At the destination, the IT systems are carefully unpacked and laid out systematically and our team will double check that everything is accounted for.

8) Our well maintained fleets of trucks and vans are operated by our team of experienced drivers.

7) Our team will conduct repeated checks conscientiously to ensure that everything is in order (packing, positioning in our secured containers, etc) before moving the IT systems onto our fleet of vehicles.

4) Our team will work closely with client’s team to decommission the IT equipment.

5) Our field engineers will ensure that there is minimum disruption to operations and to derive seamless business continuity and quick turn around for the systems involved. 

Careful handling is our call.

6) Top quality packing materials and equipment (HDPE Bags, foams, hard crates and the appropriate sealing tools) are used to ensure that the client’s business critical IT assets are delivered securely and safely to the designated location.

3) The PM team will work closely with our field engineers/ technicians to ensure that the milestones set in the relocation schedule is adhered to, with proper documentation of the handing and taking over process.

2) Prior to devising a relocation strategy, our Project Management (PM) Team will conduct prudent appraisal of the client’s operations and strategic needs.

1) Micro 2000 IT relocation Team is amongst the best in the industry. Our specialists are familiar with handling all sorts of IT equipment and peripherals and the relocation process.

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